Some of the projects and printed matters which I have been decisively involved in.

Abya Yala


Chief Glenny

Photo: Niels Ole Sørensen
Visions Abya Yala was an encounter for indigenous peoples and organizations from the Americas. It took place from August 3rd to 12th 1996. The aim was to establish an international and in particular a European platform for the Indian peoples. Copenhagen, as the Cultural Capital of Europe '96 was able to provide that space.

Opening of the conference

Photo: Niels Ole Sørensen

Next Stop
Project folder

Illustrator: Oluf Thomasson
Next Stop Soviet was a gigantic project in the fall of 1989, when more than 2.500 youngsters from Scandinavia travelled to the Soviet Union in order to establish personal partnerships and help tearing down the Iron Curtain. Besides more than 100 single projects, we got away with a satellite transmitted rock concert in Moscow, a cultural event train trough several republics and a 3 days' festival on 13 stages in Gorky Park. A year later the Soviet Union was history. Rock concert at
The Red Square

Illustrator: Oluf Thomasson
CD with
Bosnian refugees

Oil painting : Mehmed Bajric
Graphics: Bo Sørensen

Vingeskudt (broken winged) is a CD, recorded in 1994 by Bosnian refugees in Denmark.
In times of chaos, tragedy and displacement, culture is often the only anchor in a person's life.
Culture can help people survive apparently hopeless situations and maybe mobilize focused energy. Culture gives and preserves identity. This is of vital relevance, considering that our guests from abroad, after years of waiting must get used to the thought of repatriating and rebuilding their torn apart country.

Touring Denmark 1993

Photos: Den Blå Hund

Concept for
department store in


Graphics: Hardy Brackmann

C & C was a 5 stories department store in Copenhagen, filled with exotic merchandise. This success was to be exported to Hamburg/Germany. A colleague and I were sent to my hometown to develop a concept and find an untraditional building. Vi found a former ammunition factory that had it's top bombed off during World War 2. The project folder was a piece of lobbyism towards local authorities.

From the project folder

Photo + graphics: Hardy Brackmann



Grey Hall

Photo: Ludwig Löwenzahn
Quote from a campaign newspaper of March 10th 1986:
Sneaking genocide.
11.000 Indians are relocated by force.

The biggest help will be international media attention.
The US Government is exploiting the Indian nations by all means. At Big Mountain, the holy land of the Navahos, the underground holds the largest resources of coal, uranium and platinum in Northern America. Unfortunately, 11.000 Navahos are in the way for the extraction…

Graphics: Claus Deleuran


Graphics: Svend Kristensen

In the fall 1977, I was ask to renovate one of Christianias bigger industrial premises of 600 sqm. The space was then filled up with car wrecks and these were stashed with stolen goods and hashish.
In spite of my bold naivety, I managed to clear the premises without getting in trouble with the owners of the hot merchandise. We needed money to mend several hundreds of broken window glasses. With the help of good friends we held a big charity concert where I debuted as an event maker. Today, the so-called Energy Workshop is specialising in all kinds of metal works.
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